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Dear Grumman Owner and Lover:

We started out just like you; we bought a Grumman American airplane. We absolutely loved the plane and flew it everywhere. We learned a lot about the the aircraft and the special love that our planes need.

Some years back we got out of the IT world and focused on Grumman maintenance. We trained with the Guru, Ken Blackman, at AirModsNW and with the guys at Fletchair while getting our A&P and IA. We cooperate with these shops and the deals they give us on parts we pass on to you.
Yankee Avaition is a teaching shop and we love owner assisted annuals for 3 reasons:
You do the work and save shop labor while doing it
You learn as you have fun and why things work as they do
You become a better operator of your plane and reduce downstream maintenance.

As of May 16th, 2014, we are an 'Aircraft Spruce Dealer' so expect discounts on their parts as well!

As of September 11th, 2015, we are a 'JP Instruments Dealer' so call about on their great engine managment systems!

As of February 12th, 2016, we are a 'PowerFlow Dealer' so call about on their great engine exhaust systems!

We at Yankee Aviation are a small shop focusing on one plane at a time and giving it all our attention and the love that it needs to keep the plane performing at its best. Owner assisted annuals are what we specialize in since concerned owners that are knowledgeable about their planes keep them in better shape.

It is our desire that you allow us to show you how much we love this wonderful line of aircraft; let us love yours as well. Our shop rates are lower than comparable shops and we are serious about keeping your plane in the best shape at the lowest possible price. Feel free to contact us with any questions. There are several slots in our schedule that are open and we would love to fit you in. Be sure and ask about our GPA discount.

As an extra bonus, we have Jungle Jim's, a wonderful international market that is well worth it for a visit. Details can be found at: Jungle Jim's


Roscoe and Luann
Yankee Aviation

Yankee Aviation Owners