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New Owners Yankee Aviation was recommended to us by the official 'Guru' himself, Ken Blackman. I have to say, I am very glad we got hooked up with Roscoe! We wanted to have a Grumman expert perform the pre-buy on the AA5B we were looking at purchasing in Michigan. The owner graciously flew the plane down to Ohio, and Roscoe got to work. When it became apparent that the aircraft was in great shape, we decided to go ahead and make it a full annual as well, and we flew to Ohio to take a look and prepare for the purchase. Roscoe was very happy to answer all our questions and help us learn about the plane while he finished up the annual. We already feel much more confident as owners having spent a couple of days learning about the aircraft! I would definitely recommend Roscoe at Yankee Aviation to anyone looking to purchase a Grumman aircraft, or needing to find an A&P they can trust! -Nathan Souleret & Jim Freeman
New Owners of N28455

Just finished up another annual on the Tiger this week at Yankee Aviation. As always, it was a great experience! Learned a lot, found some things needing work to help the plane run better, and had a great time along the way! Thanks Roscoe!
Joe Plazak's Trainer I will second Jims recommendation on Yankee Aviation. Roscoe & friends went above and beyond on my pre-purchase. Nice airport too (KHAO).
Easy to give a third recommendation to Roscoe and Yankee Aviation. Shop Monkeys rule! You cannot go wrong there or at Excel-Air in this part of the country.

Lou Evans Lynx "Yankee Aviation conducted my annual last year. Roscoe proved himself to be a very friendly, highly knowledgeable, detail-oriented and most of all, fair A&P/IA. His specialty is in aircraft rigging/controls and he did an outstanding job of replacing needed bushings and calibrating flight control cables. The plane is now a dream to fly the controls are now crisp with no lag. It was the most enjoyable annual experience I have had to date in the 13 years I have owned my AA-1C. Without a doubt, Yankee Aviation is my go-to source for Grumman maintenance/service."
Lou Evans
Leon's Cheetah "Thanks for everything you guys did over two very long days. The flight home was great. As I was taxiing out I noticed that the kx-155 was picking up the localizer and piped the audio so I could monitor it's performance. Somehow, what we did worked because it worked great the whole way back even picking up MRB from 90mi out and never dropped signal. The plane handled great. Everything was smooth and when I raised the flaps from neutral after settling in for cruise, that gave me about 3kts. All the new instrumentation worked great, and the CHTs ran cooler than usual. The best part was the tailwinds at 9k that let me hit a max GS of 165kts at one point. So I have to say, it was probably the best the plane flew since I bought her 13 years ago. "
Leon Jackler
Joe Campbell's Cheetah 79 I met Roscoe in April of 2014, a few days after our friend and Grumman Guru Bob Steward died suddenly. Bob left several planes in various states of assembly, an in my case, with several thousand dollars worth of parts already purchased, but unaccounted for. There were other planes in similar circumstances, but the kicker was that the airport where Bobs shop was located had changed ownership and had given all tenants only a couple of weeks to vacate the premises.

A half dozen or so Grumman mechanics who knew Bob well swooped down on Birmingham (Gadsden, actually) and managed to get all the airplanes flyable, airworthy, and safe. Among these mechanics was Roscoe Rosche, who managed to round up all the parts for my plane, get it ready to fly back to my home airport (Roanoke, VA.)

Although we spoke only by phone, I got a real sense of the man, mainly: he gets things done!

When Roscoe had my plane ready, a local pilot and friend flew my plane and me to KROA.  

After joy-flying for a few days I contacted Roscoe who agreed to complete the extensive renovations begun by Bob Steward. So, Roscoe fetched my plane and flew it to his shop (KHAO) in Hamilton, OH--about a two hour flight from KROA.

Over the next many weeks, I was in contact with Roscoe daily as we agreed upon what renovations to perform and in what order. Roscoe always had all the data at hand so that we always made a sensible decision about what needed to be done immediately and what could be done incrementally in the following months. Roscoe kept me well informed about what the overall plan, where he was in that plan, and sent copious photos of the progress. When he discovered something that would easy to fix at that moment with the plane torn apart, but difficult later when it was reassembled he phoned and we made the decisions cooperatively. We spoke on the phone and he emailed me pictures of progress almost daily.

Finally, this Phase One of the renovation was complete...I had an airplane that was sound and airworthy, although by no means completely tricked out as I had originally envisioned. I pick up N27163 at Yankee Aviation on 27 June and flew her home with a big smile on my face.

Roscoe and I still maintain a list of remaining "squawks," deferred items, and new work that we had postponed.  When Roscoe finds an empty two-day slot in his schedule, I fly down to KHAO in the morning, and we would work until early evening. Roscoe would drop me off at a nice hotel nearby, and pick me up bright-and-early the next morning, where we would work until almost dusk, at which time I would return home.

We have repeated this several times and will do so at least a couple of more times as we prepare to replace the metal instrument panel with one custom-made for my planes instrumentation and powded-coated for durability and good looks.

In short, Roscoe is smart, thorough, conscientious, sticks to his promises, and genuinely enjoys helping people. He is a can-do kinda guy who is now probably a friend for life.

Joe Campbell
KROA (Roanoke,VA)
Spanky - 1969 Yankee Luann's engagnement Yankee, 'Spanky', still pretty after all these years. This airplane is paiinted in Ferrari Red, has AirModsNW's J2A engine conversion driving a Sensenich 72CK-0-56 propeller and a tiger (507) nose strut. Here's a great way to get Tiger speed without the fuel burn.