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Name that mystery Grumman part!

The first time-stamped email with the correct answer will win a prize. Mystery Part

Think you know what the part is?
Then send in your guess: Part Name Guess

Winners will be announced every Friday on this page and the Grumman Gang.

Good Luck!

Last Weeks Part

Mystery Part

We have a winner: GAES 201 Honeycomb bobbin, GAES201-1: Mark Matthews, May 6th

Here is how the guesses panned out:

Honeycomb Bobbin - G/AES201-1 (AN3 - 3/16 th inch hole) --- ( 4 similar replies)
To easy. It is a spacer spool used inside the honeycomb anywhere a bolt goes through to keep the honeycomb from crushing.

Seat Belt Spacer - G/AES201-2 ( AN4 - 1/4 inch hole) --- (9 similar replies)
Its that little gadget (tiedown anchor or spacer) on the 4-seat crew seat belt.

Looks like a thread spool from my mother’s sewing machine…No idea what Grumman used it for, however May, 7th
spacer block for wing root screw on AA1 C
Throttle bushing
Honeycomb standoff
its a spacer between the honeycomb side walls where the wing walk bolts up to
Honey comb screw insert
AA-1B canopy latch part

BTW, Past Mystery Parts are available here: Mystery Parts History

My thanks to Ian Matterface who supplied me with pictures of all three bobbins:
-2 seat belt, -6 Countersunk Bobbin, -1 honeycomb Mystery Part