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Service Bulletin Index



Aircraft Affected

SB-106 Grounding Strap Installation AA1-0001 thru AA1-0032
SB-113 Engine Cooling Improvements AA1-0001 thru AA1-0108
AA1-0110 thru AA1-0115
SB-114A Carburetor Drain Plugs – Excess Sealant AA1 (See List)
SB-115 Main Landing Gear Bracket Inspection AA1-0002 thru AA1-0008
AA1-0011 thru AA1-0014
SB-116 Exhaust System Inspection AA1-0001 thru AA1-0159
SB-117 Paint Removers AA1 (All)
SB-118 Oil Pressure Line Inspection and Elbow
AA1-0001 thru AA1-0436
SB-119 Spinner/Back Plate Inspection AA1 (See List)
SB-120 Throttle Control Inspection

AA1-0001 thru AA1-0436
SB-121 Nose Gear Strut Inspection

AA1-0001 thru AA1-0432
SB-123 Carburetor Inspection AA1, AA1A (See List)
SB-124 Modification of 902026-1 Rear Radio Supports AA1A (See List)
SB-125 Weight and Balance Data Sheet Correction AA1A (See List)
SB-126 Control Surface Bearing Support Inspection

AA1A (See List)
SB-127A Control Cable Inspection

AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-128 Fuel Tank Vent Line Inspection and Modification AA5-0002 thru AA5-0045
SB-129 Front Seat Improvements AA5-0001 thru AA5-0089
SB-130 Flap Motor/Right Rudder Cable Clearance
AA1, AA1A (All)
SB-131 Rudder System Spring Replacement

AA1, AA1A, AA5 (All)
SB-132 Additional Aileron Drain Holes AA5-0001 thru AA5-0159
SB-133 Fuel Pressure Lines Inspection

AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (All)
SB-134 Headliner Inspection and Replacement AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-135 Carburetor Air Box Inspection AA5-0001 thru AA5-0300
SB-136 Elevator Trim Tab Hinge Inspection AA5-0001 thru AA5-0284
SB-137A Engine Mount Inspection

AA5-0175 thru AA5-0290
SB-138 Placard Installation AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
SB-139 Master Cylinder Inspection

AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-140 ELT Antenna Rivet Change AA1A, AA1b, AA5 (See List)
SB-141 Left-Hand Magneto “P” Lead Replacement

AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-142 Throttle Cable Housing Wear AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-143 United Altimeter AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-144A Mixture Control AA1. AA1A, AA1B (All)
SB-145 AA5B Upper Engine Mount Bolt Inspection AA5B (See List)
SB-146 Firewall Rivet Installation AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-147 Rudder Control Bar Inspection

AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5B
SB-148 Mandatory Induction Air Filter Replacement AA5B-0002 thru AA5B-0023
SB-149 Nose Gear Strut Inspection and Protection AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (See List)
SB-150A Carburetor Mixture Control Replacement AA5B-0001 THRU AA5B-0215
SB-151 Center Spar Console Inspection and Modification AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-152A Upper Cowl Center Hinge Replacement AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-153 Spar/Skin Spacer Removal AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-154 Fuel Line Inspection

AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-155 Bondline Protection AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B


Bondline Protection AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B
SB-156 Oil Cooler Replacement AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-157 Control Wheel Shaft and Bearing Inspection AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B

(See List)

SB-159 Carburetor Heat Valve Inspection/Replacement AA5, AA5A (See List)
SB-160 Alternate Static Valve Inspection and Cleaning AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-161 Narco ELT-10 All with this Equipment
SB-162 Removal of Canopy Cable System AA1B, AA1C (See List)
SB-163 Aileron Torque Tube Inspection and Modification AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-164 Rockwell-Collins Audio Marker Receiver to
Transponder Interference
AA5A, AA5B (All with this Equipment)
SB-165A Aileron Inspection or Modification AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
SB-166 Seat Belt Replacement

AA1B, AA1C, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-167ABC McCauley Propeller Hub Inspection AA5B (All with McCauley Prop)
SB-168 Aileron Torque Tube Joint Inspection All AA5 Series with SK 150 Modified Ailerons
SB-169 Outboard Elevator Drain Holes AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-170 Air Filter Retention Screen AA5-0641 and on, All AA5A
SB-171 Voltage Regulator Replacement

AA5, AA5A, AA5B (See List)
SB-173 Seat Belt Attachment Bracket Replacement

AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA1C (All)
SB-174 Inspection of Carburetor Heat Butterfly Valve AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA1C (All)
SB-175 Inspection of Carburetor Inlet Duct AA5-0641 and on, All AA5A
SB-176 Alternator Light Circuit Modification AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10033
SB-177 Inspection of Aileron Torque Tubes AA5, AA5A, AA5B, AG5B (All)
SB-178A Inspection of Nose Landing Gear Torque Tubes AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10097
SB-179 Flap Torque Tube Bearing Assembly AA5, AA5A, AA5B, AG5B (All)
SB-180 Fuel System Inspection

AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10130
SB-181 Fuel System Contamination AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10006
SB-182 Artex H4K ELT Model 110-4 AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10019
SB-183 Parker Hannifin Wheel and Brake Master
AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10151
SB-184 Aileron Control Interference AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10158
SB-185 Wing Attach Shoulder Bolts AA5, AA5A, AA5B, AG5B (All)
SB-185A Wing Attach Shoulder Bolts AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
AG5B (See List)
SB-186 Interior Parts Corrosion AG5B (All)
SB-187 Engine Oil Breather Blockage AA5, AA5A, AA5B, GA7 (All)
SB-188 Ruptured Instrument Pressure Lines AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
SB-189 Missing Rivets AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10174
SB-190 Throttle Cables AG5B (See List)
SB-191 Rear Seat Belt Attach Bracket AG5B 99998, 10000 thru 10158
SB-192 Aft Fuselage Inspection

AA5 Series (All)
SB-193 Aft Wing Spar Corrosion

SB-194 Control Column Bearing Lubrication AG5B 10201 thru 10251