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Service Kit Index

Number Title Aircraft Affected
100 Bonding All
102A Potting Kit All
105 Engine Cooling System Modification AA1 (See List)
106 Exhaust System Modification AA1-0001 thru AA1-0159
107A Removal of Nose Spring Tensioner, Superceded by SL 1975-1 AA1 (Yankee)
108 Upper Main Landing Modification AA1 (See List)
109A Spinner/Back Plate Modification

AA1 (See List)
110 Cabin Floor Honeycomb Repair AA1, AA1A (See List)
111 Rudder/Elevator Tip Rib Modification AA1, AA1A (See List)
112C Integral Fuel Tank Sealing Kit AA5 Series (All)
113 Defroster Improvement AA5-0002 thru AA5-0010
114 Front Seat Improvements AA5-0001 thru AA5-0089
115 Front Seat Mounting Modification AA5-0010 thru AA5-0093
117 Flap Position Indicator Modification AA5-0001 thru AA5-0140
118-1 Large Pulley Installation – 2-Place Control
AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
118-2B Large Pulley Installation – AA5 Control
AA5-0001 thru AA5-0209
119 Shock Mount Kit – Small Wheel Fairing AA1, AA1A (All with Fairings)
120-1A Carburetor Airbox Improvements

AA5-0001 thru AA5-0070
120-2 Carburetor Airbox Bearing Replacement Kit AA5-0071 and On
121A Control Surface Torque Tube Repair Kit AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5 (All)
122B Headliner Replacement – 2-Place Aircraft AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
123A Headliner Replacement – 1972 AA5 AA5-0001 thru AA5-0154
124 Headliner Replacement – 1973 AA5 AA5 (See List)
125A U-Channel Installation on Control Surface
Trailing Edge
126B Fuel tank Cover Sealing Kit AA5 Series (All)
127 Export Aircraft Assembly Kit (All)
130 Throttle Cable Clamp Modification AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5

(See List)

131 Canopy Track Interchange AA1, AA1A, AA1B (See List)
133 Induction Air Filter Assembly Replacement

AA5B (See List)
139 Landing Gear Forged Fork Installation AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA5, AA5A, AA5B
140A Integral Fuel Tank Repairs AA5 Series (All)
143 Propeller Spinner Replacement

AA5 Series (All)
144 Aileron Torque Tube Modification AA5A, AA5B (See List)
145 Mechanical Fuel Pump Replacement

AA1, AA5, AA5A, AA5B (All)
146 Improved Flap Actuator AA1, AA1A, AA1B, AA1C (All)
147 Beacon Flasher Unit Installation

148 Aileron Outboard Support Assembly Replacement (All)
150 Aileron Modification AA5 Series (All)
151 Throttle Cable Support Bracket Replacement AG5B 99998, 10000-10033
152 Fuel Primer Line Replacement AG5B 99998, 10000-10033
153 Fuel Selector Valve Replacement

AA5 Series, AG5B (All)
154 Fuel Pump and Hose Replacement AG5B 10000-10130
155 Wing Gap Strap Modification AA1 Series, AA5 Series (all)
156 Instrument Panel Toggle Switch Replacement

AA1 Series, AA5 Series (all)
156 (Tiger) Improved Throttle Cable Installation AG5B Series (All)