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Old panel - Flaking finish If a aluminum panel is not prepped properly, then the paint or powder coating will come off
Old panel - both sides Here, both sides have to be redone. Scrap off the easy stuff that wants off anyway. Then wire brush (brass) finally, sand with garnet paper and then scotchbrite.
prepping panels After the old finish is removed, the panels are washed in soap and water, rinsed, acid etched, rinsed again, and alodined. Since these were done in a fresh batch of alodine, they are a bit darker than most folks are used to seeing them. Note: Normal alodine bath is 15 minutes, but with new alodine, 4 is fine.
epoxy finish on Three coats of primer and two coats of epoxy make them look like this. These were done with propeller epoxy which is a very wear resistant paint.
Decals on Decals going on while the panel is out.
Going back in Panel going back in slowly so as not to scratch the new finish.
Left Side Complete Left Side Complete