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Inspecting the Condition of a Candidate Aircraft

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Candidate Aircraft for Purchase
Pre-Buy Plane
Constant speed propeller on a Grumman Cheetah
Something about the prop?
Constant Speed Hub on the Grumman Cheetah
That is a hub
Acid leak on side of fuselage
Acid Leaking
Quick drain leak
Quick drain leak
Quick drain leak on other wing
Other one as well
Outboard Tank Rib Leak
Tank Rib Leak
Checking the Muffler area for leaks
Checking the Muffler Area
Broken Scat tubing
Broken Scat tubing
Broken rivet on rudder trim
Rudder Trim Loose
Checking all the glass in the plane
Glass Condition
Checking the ELT and tailcone area
Checking the ELT
Main Gear with new brake hoses
Main Gear
Baffling crack caused by pillowhead bolt with no AN970-3 cut washer under it
A Baffling Crack!
This pre-buy aircraft had just come out of a $3,000
plus annual with these issues on the airframe. The
spar had been upgraded to a Tiger spar, and the 200HP
engine installed under an STC.

This plane now lives in Tuscon, AZ.