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We see a lot of Just Wrong or Missing Parts, Enjoy

Correct parts are available from the usual sources: AirModsNW or Fletchair or Us at Yankee Aviation.

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Canopy Buttons or Not

Missing on many birds they cushion the canopy when full opened on the ground. One of the cheapest parts on your plane.
Missing Canopy Buttons
What Buttons?
Canopy Rubber Bumpers, 2 per plane
Canopy Buttons
Button correctly installed
Buttons Installed

Canopy Striker or Canopy Strike

The correct parts will give you a good close fit when closed and a solid seal when latched.
Something that looks like a canopy striker
Canopy Striker?
Canopy striker and 8-32 rivnut
Correct Parts
Correct canopy striker assembly
Striker Installed

My Hat's 'Off' Washer - Main Fairings

The purpose of the hat washer is to center the outside of the main fairing and prevent wearing a wallow in the outside attach bracket. Washer stacks are usually not effective in achieving this goal. A close fitting hat washer usually stays in the bracket when you remove the bolt.
Something that looks like a hat washer
Hat Washer or washer stack?
Correct hat washer
The Hat Washer
Correct hat washer assembly
Correct hat washer assembly

A Baffling Problem to Crack

It does not long, even with new baffles, for cracks to form without spreading the load over the larger area of the cut washer. The Lycoming pillowhead is under 2 dollars and the cut washer about 10 cents.
Lycomng Pillowhead bolt with out washer - causing cracks in baffling
Why is this cracking?
The Cut Washer - AN970-3
The Cut Washer - AN970-4
Cut washer with pillowhead
Cut washer with pillowhead

You've got a Bumper to Ride

A lot of planes are missing the 4 canopy ride bumpers at the rear of the canopy. Without these in place you quickly destroy the gasket at the forward edge of the turtledeck (the white one) and the black on on the back edge of the canopy itself. Folks often add felt to the rear to serve the function of the canopy ride strips.
White gasket at front of turtledeck seen through canopy side glass
Correct front turtledeck 'white' gasket
Canopy Ride Strips - 4 required
Canopy Ride Strips
Ride strips and a destroyed back black gasket
Ride strips and a destroyed back black gasket

Flexing Your Bolts

The flexbolt allows the main fairing to rock back and forth (up and down is constrained by other hardware). The attempt with this made up part to do the job was defeated by a bolt completely through the affair, causing lots of cracking in the main fairing on that side since it could not shift. Us the correct part and save yourself lots of grief.
Something to use in place of a 'real' flexbolt
Something to use in place of a 'real' flexbolt. With the bolt all the way through, it cannot flex.
The real flexbolt
The real flexbolt
Flexbolt in the right place
Flexbolt in the right place