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The Page of Much Badness for a Nose Fork

The nose fork assembly on our planes is very clever and needs to be assembled in the precise order. Please see the figure from the Parts Manual for the stacking of all components.

When you put the wrong number of thrust bearings in the fork socket it will cause problems. There is supposed to be one thrust bearing (bronze in color) in the bottom of the socket. If you have it installed on the outside of the fork bottom, then you crush the o-ring at the top which prevents it from keeping water out of the socket. Likewise, if you put in too many, one regular and one thin in the socket, then the o-ring does not match properly and water can flow in.

The thin thrust bearing(s) might be needed on the bottom of the fork for proper bellville washer tension and good cotter pin capture. Click on an image for a larger view
Wing off the Plane
page 102 Parts Manual
Parts by Number

47. O-ring (MS29513-224) Same as brake
48. Thrust Bearing (TT-1508-2)
25. Fork Assembly (702067-501 - Code E)
26. Washer (702054-5)
27. Belleville Washer (702054-4) 'cup shaped (3/4)'
26. Washer (702054-5)
28. Washer (AN960-1016L) (AR)
29. Nut (AN320-10) use a1-inch socket
30. Cotter Pin (MS24665-353)

O-Ring Crushed with No Thrust Bearing

Sealing tools
Crushed O-ring caused by no thrust bearing in the fork socket
Also note the condition of the strut spindle. Allowing water to get in for years corroded the spindle and a new/serviceable strut will be required. To help in this area it is important to get a good nose strut seal with the 'Nose Fairing Top Seal' (W224). See Perfect Nose Seal

Multiple Thrust Bearings

Water intrusion for years caused this mess
Ugly Ugly Parts
Bearings had not been done in many years.
The Rest of the 'Nasty Bits'
Dirty strut spindle
Strut Spindle
Dirty Fork SOcket
Fork Socket
Nose Gear as Removed
Nose Gear as Removed
Nose wheel bearing cup
Nose Wheel Bearing Cup